We’ve Arrived

I know this posting is a month late but here it is anyways!

After a tearful goodbye in Virginia, Christian & I boarded the plane to head to our new home of Dusseldorf.  It was a long flight from DC to Iceland to Copenhagen to Dusseldorf.  I don’t remember too much of it as I was tired and somehow got a cold right before leaving.  How I got a cold after a month of lots of sleep and plenty of relaxing (i.e. shopping, the beach, visiting family & scrapbooking) is beyond me!

After arriving in Dusseldorf, we picked up our rental car and headed to our new apartment.  Our apartment is located right outside of Dusseldorf in the village of Hamm.  The owners were there to hand over the keys and give us a thorough walk-thru.  Since we just had the luggage from the flight and no furniture, the first two nights of arriving we stayed in a hotel about a 5 minute walk the apartment.  We had a full week before Christian started work and I started language classes to purchase basic items needed to live in an apartment.  It took another two weeks before our sea container arrived with all our furniture and other belongings.

dusseldorf-mapCan you find Hamm?

Import 09-05-12 049  The Rhine

Import 09-05-12 059  The Media Harbor

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