1st Day of School


Since I do not speak German, the plan was for me to take at least three months of German language classes starting as soon as we arrived.  I have now completed my first four-week session and have begun level 2.  We had to take a test at the end of level 1 and I was very nervous that I wouldn’t pass.  I can speak basics: Mein name ist Jennifer.  Ich komme aus den USA.  Ich wohne in Dusseldorf-Hamm.  Ich spreche Englisch und ein bisschen Deutsch!  FYI…I am much better at reading German than speaking it.  I find the grammar difficult at times as well.  I know that I should make Christian speak more German with me but it is so much easier in English!  I’m hoping with each class I can understand and speak more and more.

For my first day of class, Christian presented me with a Shultüte (school cone).  This is a typical gift children get on the first day of school.  Inside was a notebook, pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters and candy!

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