The Netherlands

Christian and I took advantage of last week’s holiday to visit the Netherlands for a long weekend.  We spent our first day touring Amsterdam.

DSC_0111The hotel we stayed in, which was located outside of Amsterdam was neat looking.


There are more canals in Amsterdam than Venice.


Anne Frank House & the line to tour the house!

The next day we traveled to Delft, which is known for their blue earthenware called Delftware.  I was very excited to visit and wasn’t too interested in the actual town and instead wanted to visit Royal Delft, where they make the Delftware.


My usual touring outfit: down jacket and rain jacket on top!


Johannes Vermeer (Girl with A Pearl Earring) lived & worked in Delft.IMG_4474

Finally!  After drooling over the Delftware, we visited Den Haag.


Day 3: Ferry ride from Den Helder to the island of Texel.  We rented a tandem bike and rode from the southern end to the northern end of the island in the rain!  It wasn’t that pleasant of an experience.

We started out happy & dry!



Then came the rain…


On our last day of touring, we visited the windmills in Kinderdijk.


Yay for long weekends! 

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