Happy Thanksgiving!

I wouldn’t know it was Thanksgiving here if it wasn’t written in my calendar and everyone in the US was posting about it on Facebook.  Advent Calendars were in the grocery shops back in October.  Christmas decorations have been in the store windows for weeks and the Christmas Markets are opening this weekend.  I still wanted to prepare a mini-Thanksgiving meal for Christian and I.  I didn’t realize it would be a challenge to find some of the vegetables (mainly sweet potatoes) and other ingredients to prepare the meal.  According to Christian the lesson learned is that you can’t expect to get everything that you are used to in the US here in Germany and vice versa.  So apparently when we move back to the US, I will be missing items that were only sold in Germany.  We’ll see about that one!  Anyways, back to the meal….I, of course started thinking about desserts and made a chocolate pecan pie.  We also had turkey breast cutlets, homemade stuffing and green bean casserole.  Christian was sweet (& he said honest) and said the meal was very good.


Many thanks to be had this year…Happy Thanksgiving!

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