Opera House Tour

One of my goals in the next couple of months is to try to meet some people in the Düsseldorf area.  One of the ways is through the American Women’s Club.  I attended my first event with them two weeks ago and it was an English tour of the Düsseldorf Opera House.  There were quite a few nice ladies that were at the event and all in a similar situation where their spouse is working in Germany and they are looking for some companionship with other native-English speaking ladies.  The tour was quite interesting.  One thing I learned about was prompters.  A prompter gives the singers the opening line of every phrase that they sing a few seconds before the singer will sing it.  They sit in a small box between the Orchestra pit and the stage and only the performers can see them.  I don’t think I would want the pressure of that job!

NB: pictures are from my phone & not the clearest!

Costumes Seats  Thousands of costumes are housed in the basement.  The view from the stage.

DoorsSet  Two different scenes for two different operas.

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