Winter Wonderland

After our time in Genoa & Milano, we headed to Suis for a week of snow adventures in the Seiser Alm. The Seiser Alm is a large meadow/valley located in the Dolmites mountain range in Northern Italy.

What a beautiful day!  This is the view from one of the ski slopes.DSC00549

We, of course skied and they were nice & easy slopes designed especially for my skiing abilities. DSC00545 DSC00556

Then we did some snowshoeing. One day was to a castle ruin and the other was through the deep snow of the Alm.                                                    DSC00539 DSC00542DSC00565DSC00560

We spent our last day cross-country skiing and we were both pretty sore after that.  That was my second time cross-country skiing and I am still not sure if I know the correct techniques, as I do a lot of sliding going uphill and Christian was at least 300 yards in front of me at all times.

We stayed at a great hotel that served us a delicious breakfast and dinner every day.  I made sure that I worked hard enough outside to enjoy a hot chocolate and a dessert after dinner. 

This was such a beautiful area that would be great to see in the summer time as well.!

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