Trains on the brain

We picked up Christian’s train stuff from his mom’s house in Hamburg a couple months ago and since then we have had a train set up on our floor in the living room.  Christian also received a locomotive with a tunnel boring machine painted on the side for Advent.  DSC_0206                                Apparently, Christian and I had similar ideas when it came to determining what to give each other for Christmas.  On Christmas day, I first unwrapped a bottle of model glue and then Christian did the same.  I thought he wanted me to repair the model houses that were broken and I, obviously bought the glue for Christian because of the gift I got him!  To my surprise, I then unwrapped a model castle and then he unwrapped his gift of a model tower located in Freiburg.  When we got back to Düsseldorf, Christian was excited to start building our models.  DSC00568  Look at all those parts!

DSC00478  Do you see the excitement on his face?

DSC00480 DSC00570

DSC00576 DSC00578 

Over the course of a couple evenings, we completed our projects.  Christian can’t wait for us to have a room in a future house just to set-up his train set with all the model houses!

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