What to do with a giant bottle of BBQ sauce?

DSC00583This large, Costco-sized bottle of BBQ sauce was moved from Denver to Düsseldorf.  It was originally purchased in a two-pack, the usual Costco size, for making slow-cooker BBQ chicken sandwiches that have been made for many parties.  I opened up this bottle to make a BBQ chicken pizza the other night.  I then realized we need to use up this BBQ sauce or it is going to go bad and I don’t like wasting!  I started searching the Internet for recipes using BBQ sauce and have determined that we are going to be eating one meal a week for the next month or so that uses the BBQ sauce.  This will be like how The Pioneer Woman had a sponsorship from Land O Lakes Butter and she included it in a weekly recipe.  You know about that, right?  I just have to say that Christian is very lucky.  So this week’s recipe, meatloaf!

DSC00585 DSC00587

This was so easy to make: ground beef, onions, fresh parsley, bread crumbs, eggs, salt, pepper & BBQ sauce.  Mix everything in a big bowl, put in a loaf pan & then put it in the oven.  Done!

DSC00588 DSC00589DSC00591 DSC00595

I don’t eat beef very often and I enjoyed this meal.  After the meal is done, we package up individual servings for Christian to take to work.  Again, Christian is such a lucky guy, 5 additional days of Meatloaf!


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