One of the biggest events in Düsseldorf is Karneval.  It begins every year on November 11th and ends on Ash Wednesday but the biggest Karneval events happened this past weekend.  It started on Thursday with an event called Altweiberfastnacht.  The women storm the City Council Office to capture the Mayor and take over the administration of the City for the night.  In addition, women cut the ties of the men, even those not in a position of importance. DSC00598Look who got their tie cut at work!

On Carnival Sunday, people in costumes congregate on Konigsallee.  Music, food & drinks are enjoyed.  While we were having breakfast on Sunday morning, one of the party floats drove by our apartment blasting their music on the way to the event!DSC00612 DSC00621DSC00622 DSC00623

The biggest day for Karnival is Rosenmontag when there is a parade that starts in the Altstadt and runs through the city.  There are floats or “wagons,” music, more costumes and lots of goodies.  DSC00626 DSC00627DSC00629 DSC00632DSC00638 DSC00639

It was such an interesting experience to be a bystander.  Maybe next year Christian and I will actually get costumes and join in on the fun!

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