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Solingen…City of Blades & Gummy Bears

Last Saturday, we went for a hike near Solingen.  This city is known for manufacturing swords, knives and scissors, such Wüsthof & J.K. Henckels.  We didn’t go there for that reason, but we did stop in one shop and see some knives and that was the extent of it. 

That morning a light snow was covering the ground, but by the time we got out for our hike it was already melting and the sun was shining, which is a rare thing!  The hiking trail followed along a river.  We hiked up to a schloss/burg (castle), looked around, had some hot chocolate and then headed back to the car.

DSC00604 DSC00601DSC00605 DSC00609

We had somewhat of a short hike, as I wanted to stop in the Haribo factory before it closed!  This is heaven for anyone that loves gummy treats and in my family there are a few. 


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