Playing in a Mine

We spent an afternoon at the German Mining Museum (Deutsches Bergbau Museum) this past weekend.  They have an underground mine, which visitors can explore to see how they have mined coal and hard-rock over the years.  Christian was in his element and definitely enjoyed being a tour guide for me!

DSC00775 DSC00755

Christian standing in front of the museum and the head-tower/frame (I can’t remember what it is called & Christian isn’t here to answer this) which loomed over the museum.

DSC00757 DSC00767DSC00758 DSC00759DSC00761 DSC00765

Playing on the hard-rock mining equipment and below, some of the modern coal-mining equipment.

DSC00769 DSC00773

If you visit us in Germany and are interested in mining, this is a place to visit.  I don’t think Christian will get tired of explaining all the equipment and history of mining!

One thought on “Playing in a Mine

  1. Interesting weekend activity (for you). I think I’ll pass on the mine tour when I get there – I’m thinking I’ll take you up on the food tour instead 🙂

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