Frohe Ostern


Happy Easter!  Christian and I spent the morning at church.  It definitely wasn’t the same as attending worship at St. John’s; we missed our Denver church service and friends!  After church, we had an Easter egg hunt in our apartment.  We are like two little kids!

DSC00897 DSC00904DSC00906 DSC00918DSC00905 DSC00908

Look at all those eggs and candy!  I think Christian will need to take some of it to work and share with his co-workers.  After finding all our eggs, we went to a show at the Apollo Theater called Hallo Wien.  It is a variety show with magicians, dancers and acrobatics.  It was very entertaining and one of the magicians stole Christian’s watch but of course gave it back to him!

For dinner, Christian made lamb with a pesto sauce and I made scalloped potatoes.  Overall, a very joyous Easter!


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