Legoing in VA

I was back in VA for the last two weeks.  It was so wonderful to see my family, some friends, eat chocolate, peanut butter ice cream and shop!!  We celebrated my birthday & my brother’s birthday while I was home, even though mine was in March and his is in May.  The big gift items this year were Legos.  I know what you all are thinking, why are an almost 27 yr. old and a 31 yr. old playing with Legos?  I don’t know but they are so much fun to put together & we were “legoing” every night! 

IMG_1185 IMG_1162 IMG_1180 IMG_1183 

I also introduced my brother to our hot dog pizza and he improved upon the recipe.

IMG_1194 IMG_1197 

More Lego building.

IMG_1199 IMG_1198 IMG_1204

Here are pictures of Chris’ birthday celebration.

 IMG_1208 IMG_1217 IMG_1218

Such a great time in VA.  It was so hard to come back to Germany, except for seeing Christian of course! Winking smile

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