Our last day in Paris was spent at Disneyland Paris.  I love Disney World in Florida.  I have been with my family at least 10 times.  I couldn’t wait to see what Disneyland Paris would be like.  I was so happy to see Cinderella’s Castle and Main Street USA, the same as Disney World.  We waited in this area until the park rides officially opened.  During the wait, a light rain had started.  It looked like the nice weather we had experienced the other days would not continue.  We didn’t care, we had rides to go on!  We had a plan to first ride Thunder Mountain.  As soon as the park opened, we walked quite swiftly to the ride with the rest of the crowd.  Unfortunately, the ride was closed due to technical difficulties.  We then went to the Haunted Mansion, closed.  We also went to Pirates of the Caribbean, also closed.  Does Disneyland not function when the weather is slightly cool and raining?  After lunch time, the sun was finally out and we did get to ride Space Mountain, Peter Pan and others but it was a little disappointing that some of my favorite rides were closed.  I told Christian that next time we will just have to go Disney World and spend a week there!

DSC01193 DSC01221 DSC01197 DSC01200DSC01201 DSC01219 DSC01206 DSC01216

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