Christian brought the grill out of storage and out onto our deck a couple weeks ago.  Sunday evening was a perfect spring night for paella.  I had never had paella but Christian knew exactly what to do.  Again, Christian started cooking & I took some pictures. 

DSC01238 Ingredients: Chicken, Fish, Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Corn, Peas, Rice, Broth, Garlic & Saffron

DSC01239 DSC01240 DSC01243 DSC01244

Christian heated up the wok with some oil & grilled the chicken.  Then he added the tomatoes, red peppers and saffron.

DSC01247 DSC01248 DSC01249 DSC01250 

Peas and corn were added.  Then the broth & fish.  It was left on the grill to simmer until it was served. 


Yum!  It was very tasty. 

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