After a busy Saturday of getting our patio furniture in order, we left Sunday morning for Cuxhaven.  This is a city located on the North Sea and next to the mouth of the Elbe River.  Christian’s mom, grand uncle, uncle & aunt were there celebrating his grand uncle’s birthday.  The weather was a bit gray and chilly but that didn’t stop many people from walking along the shore and enjoying the time by the sea. 

On the way there we drove through one of the first tunnel projects that Christian worked on.  We had to take pictures!

DSC01278 DSC01281 DSC01285

Taking a stroll along the sea. 

DSC01287 DSC01288 DSC01307 

During the low tide, the water recedes so far back that you can either take a horse and carriage or walk to Neuwerk island.

DSC01290 DSC01291 DSC01292 

Watching the boats pass by the port and head further down the Elbe River to Hamburg.

DSC01301 DSC01294 DSC01306

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