We took a bike ride to the Altstadt (old town of Düsseldorf) to enjoy the sunny weather & get a frozen yogurt at a shop we found the other week.  The trees along the Rhein are just starting to bloom.  People sit outside enjoying their Altbier (old beer).  If you come to Düsseldorf, you must try an Altbier.  I have tried a sip of it, but you can get an apple juice or soda if you don’t like beer!  Uerige has been brewing beer in the Altstadt since 1862.

DSC01335 DSC01312 DSC01316 

Düsseldorf was heavily destroyed during WWII but there are still some picturesque buildings left.  The middle picture is of the Town Hall.

DSC01322 DSC01323 DSC01333 

Besides the beer, Hinkel is a well-known bakery where you can get all sorts of breads and cakes.  We have yet to try their bread, as the lines to purchase bread are quite long & we just haven’t needed bread when we have passed by the shop!  There is also a large market in the one of the squares, that sells food, flowers and other goods.  It is fun to come here on a Saturday and buy your groceries and have brunch. 

DSC01325 DSC01327

There’s Christian standing with the prize…frozen yogurt!  I got mine with cookie chunks and M&Ms.  FYI – Plain M&Ms are called smarties & peanut M&Ms are just called M&Ms. 


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