People’s Square & The Bund

Still more sights to see in Shanghai!  First up on the list is People’s Square, a park area surrounded by skyscrapers.  We walked through the park and when it started to rain, we went into the Marriott (tall building in the background of the pond picture) for a hot chocolate and coffee.

DSC01355 DSC01351 DSC01353 

Two museums are located in People’s Square, one is the Shanghai Museum and the other is the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.  I went into the Exhibition Hall and it had an amazing model of Shanghai’s future (circa 2020), as well as exhibits showing old pictures and models of the earlier times of Shanghai.

DSC01402 DSC01404 DSC01406 

One of our evenings required a trip to The Bund.  The Bund was like Wall Street during their Colonial times and was the initial port area for visitors disembarking from ships.  It also has amazing views of Pudong at night.  We took the subway from the French Concession area to The Bund.  The subway was very easy (and clean) to use with the English signs and announcements.  Once we got off the subway and on to the main street headed to The Bund, there were tons of people.  One girl even asked if she could take a picture of Christian. 

DSC01386 DSC01387 DSC01388 

View of The Bund


View of Pudong from The Bund.  Colorful ships sail up and down the river at night, offering dinner cruises.

DSC01392 DSC01390 DSC01395

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