After spending one day in Dusseldorf, we took a very early morning train to Paris.  We slept a little and played many hands of rummy on the train!  It reminded my brother and I of our trips down to Florida over spring break on the Amtrak Auto Train.

DSC01757 DSC01758 DSC01759 DSC01761 

When we arrived in Paris, we were at the metro stop trying to buy day passes.  A man came up to and asked what we needed, he punched a few buttons on the machine & handed us 4 tickets and asked for the money.  I gave him the money but was so confused.  The next day, we picked up the same day passes for the metro and learned that we had overpaid by 30 Euros as he bought us tickets for Paris and the surrounding zones.  I guess it was a learning experience but it happened so quickly, we couldn’t do much about it.

First stop using our overpriced metro cards was Notre Dame.

DSC01773 DSC01784 DSC01779 DSC01789 DSC01794 

It didn’t take us long to get hungry, so we had lunch outside at a café and enjoyed the warmer weather (compared to London & Dusseldorf).  Then it was back on the metro to get to the Eiffel Tower.  We weren’t able to go up to the observatory decks, as there was a social dispute (i.e. strike). 


We spent the remaining part of the day walking around the Latin Quarter going into shops.  We were all pretty tired by the evening and had dinner near our hotel & got to bed early for another day of exploring Paris!

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