Rest Days

In between our mini-trips to different cities, we have a rest day at our apartment in Dusseldorf.  They pretty much all start out the same way.  Christian goes to work at an early hour (7AM) and the rest of us vacationers get up starting around 8:30AM.  My brother is always interested in a workout, so he puts on his running shoes & I get on my biking gear.  We have been doing a little loop along the Rhein and then through the Media Hafen back to our apartment.  Riding alongside as my brother runs is pretty leisurely for me.  I could run but I would be berated the entire time for running so slowly!  I wonder why a brother would do that?

Rainy rest day…

  DSC01928 DSC01931 DSC01933

Sunny rest day…

DSC02066 DSC02067 DSC02070 DSC02080

One thought on “Rest Days

  1. I love this because I always make my parents ride while I run 🙂 I’m hoping for some “sunny rest days” when we’re there. See you soooooon!

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