Post Wedding Tour

After the wedding, we embarked on a week-long tour with family members to southern Germany.  Christian & I were both excited to spend time with the family and to see parts of Germany that we haven’t visited (yes, even Christian hasn’t visited parts of Germany).  After a day of driving, we started with Cinderella’s Castle, Neuschwanstein.  A few of us took a horse cart up to the castle, which went very slow.  We almost missed the start of the tour because of it but with the help of a delivery truck and a few of us running/speed walking, we made it!  Unfortunately, the tour group was very large and it was hard to understand the tour guide’s English.  We decided it was best to just take in everything and then read about it on the Internet later.  The castle looks huge but in fact most of the rooms were unfinished and never completed. 

DSC02190 DSC02162 DSC02164 DSC02174 

After our castle tour, we visited the Zugspitze.  The Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany.  We took a gondola to the top and it was quite cloudy and every once in awhile there was the sound of thunder.  The girls (my cousins) favorite part of being at the top of the mountain was the snow pile.  My dad, Christian and the girls all decided to have a snow ball fight.

DSC02283 DSC02202 DSC02203 DSC02213 DSC02250 DSC02258 

We spent probably 20 minutes watching a guy wanting to paraglide off the mountain.  We don’t know if he ever did, as the clouds were getting denser.  It was part of a competition called X Alps, where athletes were required to either hike or paraglide through the Alps. 


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