The day we were most looking forward to…visiting Legoland!


This is a park with family & thrill rides and tons of Lego figurines and mini-cities.  There were only four of us (my dad, cousin, Christian & I) out of our group that wanted to visit Legoland, we don’t know why as it was so much fun.  It was amazing to see how many Lego blocks it takes to build one figure.  We had a fast-pass, so we could ride our favorite rides over and over again without any wait.  It was a really warm day, so we enjoyed the water rides the most. 

DSC02315 DSC02322 DSC02325 DSC02330 DSC02356 DSC02351 DSC02365 DSC02361 DSC02357 DSC02403 

Can you believe all these buildings were built out of Legos?!

DSC02378 DSC02381 DSC02383 DSC02406 DSC02416 DSC02412 

We were sad that my brother, who is a huge Lego fan, couldn’t join us.  He did get to check out one of the Lego sections of a German department store.  Maybe on his next visit he can come with us to Legoland.


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