Christian & I went on our first camping trip of 2013 last weekend.  I was so so happy to go camping.  Back in Colorado, I tried to camp at least once a month if not twice a month starting in June through September, so I was really missing camping!  In Germany, you are not allowed to go backcountry camping because there are just too many people and not enough space.  Although there are many campgrounds throughout Germany, a majority of them are for RVs.  Christian did a little research and found a good RV/tent campground about two hours from our house near the town of Manderscheid.  I thought it was more glamping than camping because there were showers, sinks for washing dishes, coin laundry and wifi access.  We were also only a mile from town.

We set up in the tent-only section and realized that the one campfire pit was located too far away from our tent.  Apparently everyone uses their own personal grills and not campfires to cook.  We drove the mile into town and picked up a little charcoal grill.  It worked perfectly for cooking our food!

DSC02535 DSC02543 DSC02551 

S’mores!  Christian made sure there was a flame so I could properly burn my marshmallows. 

DSC02555 DSC02558 DSC02562 

Gotta make sure everything is clean & orderly!


Pudgy pies…pizza on toast!

DSC02592 DSC02595 DSC02597 

We woke up to a light rain on Sunday morning, so we fixed breakfast in the tent before packing up. 


We didn’t only eat on our camping trip.  We also went into town for ice cream, hiked around a crater, saw the ruins of two castles, went to the pool and visited a bell manufacturer, which I will write about later. 

DSC02587 DSC02579 DSC02589 DSC02590 

We already have our next camping trip planned for August! 

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