Nacht der Bekloppten

We took the train four hours south last Friday afternoon to the Neckar region.  Christian and I attended a 40th birthday party of one of Christian’s friends from university.  It was held at Burg Guttenberg, a knight’s castle and the theme was Nacht der Bekloppten (night of the batty).  We had a rittermahl (knight’s meal) which consisted of a starter of bread & raw veggies and then soup in a bread bowl.  For the main course, they brought out a pig and carved it in front of us.  I wasn’t about to eat the pork after seeing the pig laying there…poor pig.  They also had grilled vegetables & potatoes, which I did eat.  In between the courses, performers sang songs, did juggling tricks, told jokes & acrobatics. 

DSC02601  DSC02606 DSC02609 

After the meal was served, the big performance started which was a variety show of more songs, jokes, magic tricks and acrobatics. It was a lot of fun and very entertaining. What a great way to celebrate a birthday!

DSC02614 DSC02619 DSC02625 DSC02639

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