Super Easy Pasta Salad

I haven’t done much cooking or baking in the kitchen in the last couple of months.  When Christian and I were discussing our menu for the camping trip this past weekend, Christian mentioned he wanted pasta salad.  I thought that is pretty easy, I should just make it myself.  I went to my usual websites for recipes, The Pioneer Woman and Food Network and found a good recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten.  The receipe can be found here: Tomato Feta Pasta Salad

It was so simple to make: boil pasta, chop up tomatoes, sundried tomatoes & feta cheese.  Put those ingredients aside & while waiting for the pasta to cool, prepare the dressing.

DSC02751 DSC02744 DSC02746 DSC02749 

The dressing required red wine vinegar, one garlic clove, more sundried tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper & capers.  I forgot to show the capers in my ingredient shot.  I had a good mix of ingredients that came from the US & others from Germany!  Mix everything together in a food processor.

DSC02754 DSC02756 DSC02760 DSC02763 

Now it is time to combine the ingredients.  To the pasta add the tomatoes, sundried tomatoes & the dressing.

DSC02765 DSC02766 

Add some grated parmesan. Chop up parsley & also add to the mix.  The last step was adding the feta cheese.  This isn’t how the recipe says to mix it but I watched her video and she added the cheese last so it wouldn’t get too crumbly!

DSC02769  DSC02770 DSC02771 

Done!  Really tasty & perfect side for our camping dinner. 


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