Camping by the Water

Okay, so maybe I was wrong when I thought two weekends ago we went glamping.  This past weekend we went on another camping trip near a town called Gummersbach, an hour east of Düsseldorf and we camped at a reservoir called Aggertalsperre.  At this camping site, there were hot showers, dish washing stations, a refrigerator for people to use, as well as a restaurant/bar on site and boat rentals. 

We arrived Friday evening, set-up our tent with a great view of the water and the little boat dock.  You’ll notice that Christian took glamping to the next level for us & brought along our air mattress.  How are we ever going to backpack after getting used to this?!  We had a dinner of grilled sausages & the pasta salad that I made. 

DSC02773 DSC02775 DSC02777 

Our entertainment for the weekend was our neighbors.  There was a family with four kids and the youngest little boy was the one to watch.  He ran around the campsite in his swim shorts and flotation device.  I only saw him once put his feet in the water.  He would also get on his bike and make rumbling & farting noises as he rode around the tents.  At one point he was on his bike wearing his swim shorts, flotation device & bike helmet…a very safe kid!  Our other neighbor had an extension cord running down to his tent, where he had a refrigerator & computer hooked up.  I think they even watched some TV at night before going to bed.  That is the TV antennae sitting on the ground in front of them.

DSC02779 DSC02787 

On Saturday morning, we took a hike around a separate reservoir called Genkelsperre.  The water was a beautiful blue-green color and all I wanted to do was jump into it.  Unfortunately, swimming was not allowed as this was for drinking water.  After our hike we did jump into the water at our campsite and then took out one of the kayaks for a little trip around the reservoir.

DSC02795 DSC02797 DSC02801  DSC02813 DSC02814 

After a busy day, we had pudgy pies and s’mores for dinner.  This time we changed up our pudgy pie recipe and instead of just making pizzas, we pre-made sloppy joe’s and put that with a little shredded cheese in the pie irons.  They were really tasty and I might have liked them better than the pizzas. 

DSC02821 DSC02828 DSC02837 

Before we knew it, it was early Sunday afternoon and we needed to deflate our air mattress and head home! 


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