Wake Me Up

Early Saturday morning, Christian & I (as well as other campers) were awoken to the sound of music.  Our neighbors a few tents down decided things were too boring, so they turned on the music and wanted to sing and dance along to: Get Lucky, Counting Stars, Wake Me Up, Hey Now, La La La, Love Me Again, Blurred Lines, etc.  Basically this is the list of the top 20 songs played on German radio or on iTunes right now.  I loved the music and if it weren’t so early in the morning, I would have wanted to join them in enjoying the music.  Instead, we were a little grouchy about being awoke out of our sleep.  Two hours later they did turn the music off and let everyone sleep again!

One of their favorite songs was called Sommer, Sonne, Kaktus!  They played it probably three times & it is a very odd song by a German comedian named Helge Schneider.  The song is a mix of English and German.  You’ll have to listen to the video until the very end or jump ahead to the 3:20 mark, which is the most memorable part of the song.  Christian can do a really good impression of this part and it always makes me laugh!

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