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Gourmet Festival

Over the weekend, Christian and I enjoyed an evening at the Gourmet Festival in Düsseldorf.  It was held on one of the most famous shopping streets of Düsseldorf, Konigsallee (the o should have an umlaut, two dots over it but couldn’t get it to work here).  We had lots to eat and in this order: pistachio cookies, potato soup made with champagne, satay chicken skewers, leek quiche, truffled bratwurst & salmon, a cheese platter and finally, frozen yogurt.  Good thing we rode our bikes to work off some of that delicious food!


Lots of food to take home with you: meats, cheeses, spreads/jams.

Gourmet 2 Gourmet 3 Gourmet 4 

We started out our first tasting at an Italian pastry stand.  Those pastries were so hard to resist!

Gourmet 6 Gourmet 7 

About to sample the potato soup.

Gourmet 8 Gourmet 9 

The wine connoisseur.

Gourmet 11 

Konigsallee.  The shops and businesses are located on either side of the water way.

Gourmet 12 

The leek quiche.

Gourmet 13

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