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You might recall that Christian and I went to Phantasialand earlier this spring.  Phantasialand is an amusement park about an hour from Düsseldorf.  At that time, they were running a special where when you bought one admission ticket in the spring, you would get a free admission ticket to use later in the season.  We took advantage of the offer and decided to cash in our free ticket this past weekend.  I had looked up the weather for Düsseldorf and it looked like we would have nice weather, mostly sunny & high of 79.  Well, the weather didn’t turn out that way, it was still in the mid-70s but gray and rainy at times.  We purchased an express pass, which would allow us to skip the lines on the most popular rides, as a way to get to ride the rides without having to spend too much time in the rain! 

During one of our rainy breaks, we shared an ice cream sundae.  The t-shirt I am wearing in this picture is not the one I came to the park wearing.  We decided that the first ride we were going to go on, was a water ride.  One where you sit in a big tube made for 8 people and then you go through a bunch of rapids and a few dips.  On the very first dip, I was seated in the right spot to get wet.  Not just a little wet, but soaked and the entire t-shirt had to be wrung out a couple times after the ride.  Since the sun never came out, we decided it would be a lot more pleasant if I had a dry t-shirt to wear, so we picked up this cute, animal t-shirt at the souvenir shop.

PL 3 

This is not a ride that we went on, although, I am sure Christian would have been happy to ride it.  It spun you around and around, all while going up and down.  I felt sick just watching them on the ride!

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This poor quality photo was taken on the Maus au Chocolat ride.  Mice have taken over a bakery and you have to shoot all the mice with piping bags filled with frosting.  The 3D glasses allow you to see everything that is going on in the bakery & the mice sometimes throw things back at the shooters.  The person with the highest score in the car (2 people per car) wins the game/ride.  I had around 110,000 points and Christian had about 95,000.  The highest score of all the guests was 600,000.  Good try by Christian & I!

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