End of Sommer

Swimming Pool 5

We have had some really warm days in Düsseldorf in July and in part of August.  We are lucky that there is a really nice outdoor pool that can be easily biked to in about 25 minutes.  I have been going during the week and on two Fridays, Christian left work a little earlier and joined me at the pool.

Swimming Pool

For the number of visitors, there are not enough deck chairs at the pool.  Therefore, they have a huge grassy area where you can lay out your towels and blankets.

Swimming Pool 3 Swimming Pool 6

There is a little inlet of water from the Rhein and they have a sandy beach.  You aren’t supposed to go in the water but some people do & kids definitely go play in the sand.  Right behind those trees is the Rhein river.

Swimming Pool 2

With each passing day, I am becoming sadder that summer doesn’t last longer.  We definitely haven’t experienced the heat that you can get in VA or CO, so I haven’t gotten my fill yet!  I guess I just have to enjoy each day that we do get of warm, sunny weather.

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