The last time I was in Köln was when Christian and I visited Düsseldorf last July to hunt for apartments before moving here.  Christian was here for a week visiting with his new company and I flew in for a weekend.  Friday, we looked at apartments.  Saturday, we spent a little time in Düsseldorf and a little time in Köln.  Then on Sunday, we flew back to Denver.  It was a whirlwind.  A friend from language school suggested going to Köln, as she wanted to do a little shopping and just spend time in another city.  I drove us, as Christian was out of town, so I had the car.  A bit stressful for me because I rarely drive and prefer to get around by bike.  Luckily, no problems with the car and only a few times getting lost but the gps always redirected us!

The Kölner Dom.

DSC03047 DSC03049 DSC03053 DSC03059

How does he do that?


Kyoko & I enjoying a treat after some shopping.

DSC03062 DSC03063

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