Entdecke Deine Welt

Discover your world…in an RV! 

RV 17

Christian and I attended the RV show at the Düsseldorf convention center this weekend.  It was raining and the tickets were free, so why not!  We are not planning on purchasing an RV but it was fun to see all the different types of motor homes that you can buy and how basic or luxurious they can be. 

RV 1 RV 5 RV 8 RV 6 

I think someone is a little too tall for the RV shower.

RV 7

This looks like a hotel bed but it is really from the Chalet RV line.  These were complete with faux wood on the inside & outside, window panes and embroidered drapery.

RV 9 RV 10

I was in awe of the RVs that transported cars on the inside.  The smart cars were loaded in the back of the RVs.  One line of RVs had sports cars, motorcycles and 4 wheelers placed on a platform that slid under the RV. 

RV 12 RV 13 RV 14 RV 15 RV 16 

Christian and I decided that we would still prefer to go tent camping over staying in an RV and stay in hotels when traveling to different cities!  Although, maybe we will change our minds when we are older.

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