Kitchen Gear

We were lucky to receive many nice gifts from our wedding.  We registered and received quite a few from one of my favorite shops, Williams-Sonoma.  We haven’t been doing much cooking in the last month, but we finally did get to use some of our new kitchen gear when Christian made beef & leek cheese soup.  I am not sure which recipe Christian used but  here is one that you can use, that is quite similar: Leek and Beef Soup.

Cut up some leeks.

Soup 8 

Heat some olive oil in a pot. 

Soup 9 

Cook ground beef.

Soup 11 Soup 12 

Add leeks.

Soup 1 

Add beef or vegetable broth.

Soup 3 

Add melting cheese (that is what Christian referred to it as).

Soup 5 

Add crème fraiche.

Soup 6 

Let all ingredients come to a boil & then serve with bread. 

 Soup 7

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