Off to Tanzania!


Christian & I leave for our two week trip to Tanzania tonight.  We will spend the first week on safari visiting national parks.  The second week will be in Zanzibar, spending time at the beach.  We went to the doctor’s a month ago, got our yellow fever shots, malaria pills and made sure we were current with all our other vaccinations.  The biggest challenge has been packing.  Christian and I are very different packers.  Christian can take a carry-on suitcase for 2 weeks of business travel and I will pack a large suitcase, almost to the 50 lb. (23 kg.) limit.  I like to have clothing options!  I have read tons of travel forums about what to pack when going to Tanzania.  Everyone says you only need three outfits, lots of sun protection, a good camera and to forget about everything else.  The animals don’t care how you look!  Based on the all the clothes & other stuff we have on our floor, we (I) still didn’t follow their advice.  But it all fits in our duffle bags and off we go!


2 thoughts on “Off to Tanzania!

  1. It’s been taking me a long time to learn but I think I’m getting there. I’m slowly getting sick of lots of carting lots of luggage.P.S. Hope you’ll be sharing some of your photos.

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