Our Tanzanian Journey

Our journey to Tanzania was just that, a  journey.  We left Dusseldorf two weeks ago planning to fly from Dusseldorf to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Nairobi and then Nairobi to Kilimanjaro.  We got on the plane to fly to Amsterdam and we flew the 50 minutes to Amsterdam, but turned around before landing, as the airport was closed due to severe thunderstorms.  We flew half way back to Dusseldorf and landed at a small airport in The Netherlands to refuel and wait for the Amsterdam airport to reopen.  An hour and a half later, the airport was open but we missed our connection to Nairobi.  The next flight was the following morning and it was flying direct to Kilimanjaro.  We received our new flight plans, hotel voucher, dinner voucher & our KLM overnight bag.  They didn’t let us have our luggage back, so the airline gave us a little bag that had a t-shirt, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, laundry soap, deodorant,  hairbrush and socks.  This little bag turned out to be a lifesaver! 


We flew without any problems to Kilimanjaro the following day. 


At the airport, we met our tour operator who helped us get our visa and other paperwork in order.  We were the last to get to the baggage claim and our luggage was not there.  We figured that with the mess at Amsterdam that the luggage might not make it, even though we had someone a the airport check to see if our bags were rerouted and we were assured they were.  Good thing we had our KLM overnight bag and a change of clothes in our carry-on.  We informed the airline where we would be the next couple of days so they could deliver our baggage when it did arrive, which was two nights later and then we were driven to our hotel for the night. 


The next morning, we were ready to start our first day of safari….finally!  We were met by our guide/driver, Hasami, who was wearing a pink baseball hat, so it was meant to be!  He promised to show us lots of animals, answer any questions that we had and give us an African massage.  Christian and I stared at him puzzled by his last statement, an African massage?!  As we set off towards Tarangire National Park, we quickly learned what type of massage we were being given.  There were very few paved roads through the parts of Tanzania that we visited.  We were treated to hours of bumpy roads, the vibrations being felt through our entire bodies.  We didn’t mind it as we got used to it and there were too many other things to focus on.  I think we slept better every night because of our African massage!


During our drive to our first park, I was taking tons of pictures of cows along the road.  Christian thought I had never seen cows before, which of course I have but not in Tanzania!


A huge termite mound, also along the road to the park.


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