The Serengeti

Never have I seen so many animals.  We spent two days in the Serengeti National Park and it was my favorite park out of the four that we visited.  We popped the top of the roof open on our vehicle and set out to explore! We saw animals eating, walking, sleeping, playing everywhere we drove. 


Our guide spotted this female lion lounging under a tree.  She had just finished part of her afternoon meal, a gazelle.


All the tour operators work together through their radios and if one guide spots an interesting animal he will then let some of the other guides know.  We always knew we were going to see something when we saw a line of SUV’s in one spot!


Wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, hippos, buffalos, elephants, birds, gazelles and birds…

image image image   image image image image  image 

Can you spot the cheetah in the field?  What about the leopard in the tree?

image image 

More lions.  One great sighting was a female lion trying to catch her next meal.  We watched for about 15 minutes to see what would happen.  A gazelle a distance away from the lion stood still in the field.  It was not looking in the direction of the lion.  The lion also just stood still until finally it started walking towards the gazelle and picked up speed into a full run.  The gazelle started running but made a turn, which caused the lion to slow as it tried to turn.  The gazelle was faster and sprinted off into the distance.  The lion stood there for a few minutes before just walking off, probably trying to find something else to kill.

image image

We stayed two nights right outside the park at the Ikoma Wild Camp.  We stayed in a boma, which is a round hut.  Inside the boma was a bed with mosquito net, table, bathtub, sink and toilet.  Every morning after we got dressed, we sprayed ourselves with mosquito spray and then applied suntan lotion.  At the end of the day, we were covered in a layer of red dust. We had our breakfast and dinner at the thatched roof open restaurant.  The food during our safari was pretty basic & unfortunately, we did have some stomach issues occasionally. Luckily, nothing that caused us to miss a day at the park!


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