Lake Manyara

Our last day of safari included a trip to Lake Manyara National Park.  It is one of the smallest parks in Tanzania and has many fewer visitors than other parks.  It was a short drive from our hotel in Karatu.  The landscape in the park started out very lush and green, almost like a rainforest and then it was dry with lots of red dirt and few trees.  As you were closer to the lake, again it was more green.

Hundreds of baboons walking along the roads, eating, playing and grooming.  Blue Monkeys hanging out in a tree.

image image 

Look at this safari guy…hat, binoculars…he’s ready to spot some animals!


A lion feasting on its prey, a buffalo.  We are not sure if the lion killed the buffalo in the water or it was dragged out to the water.  There were also two other lions hanging out under a tree closer further from the water.


This was our first lunch spot that didn’t consist of a parking lot, picnic benches & bathroom.  We had a great view of the lake, with some buffalo lounging not far away & there was a hot springs to dip your feet into. 

image image image 

Those hungry elephants.  We did get to see a couple baby elephants trumpeting and running through the forest.  We don’t know if they were running from something or just playing.  They can be really noisy if they want!

image image 

On our way out of the park, we passed by the park office.  During the last wet season, many of the buildings were destroyed and the offices were in temporary tents.  Look at that new furniture and computer equipment set-up in a tent! 


We thought that five days of safari was the perfect amount of time.  We got to see so many different animals in their natural habitat and we enjoyed the scenery of Tanzania.  It was many hours in the car, basically from 8:30AM until 4:00-5:00PM every day, so we were ready to spend some time on the beach not in a car.

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