Mosquito River

Mosquito River is a village outside of Lake Manyara National Park and is located near a river that is infested by mosquitos.  Luckily, we didn’t notice tons of mosquitos as we walked around but that could be because we already applied our coating of spray for the day.  We stopped at this village before heading to the airport.  One of the villagers who spoke English & regularly gives tours to visitors met us at their daily market place, where we saw stalls filled with vegetables, fruits, meat, spices, baskets, toys, and paintings.  Every stall owner wanted us to look at what they were selling.  They kept saying, “come inside, it is free to look.” 

image image image 

We then took a walk through the village, learning how they make beer out of bananas.  We were even offered a taste of the beer, but I am not a fan of any type of beer so we declined.  Our last stop was where a few artists were painting, so we got to watch them paint for a few minutes and look through their finished paintings.

It was then time to head to the Arusha airport to catch our flight to Zanzibar.  Here is where you check your flight status. 


There were no gates, once you go through security, everyone sits in one general area until they call your flight & you walk onto the tarmac to get on the airplane.

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