The Beach


After our safari, we flew to Zanzibar for a week of beach time.  We stayed at the Sultan Sands Resort and it was beautiful.  Palm trees, white sand & turquoise water. 

image  image 

Our first day there we laid in the sun, went in the pool, splashed around in the ocean & sat in the sun a little bit more, until I noticed that I was looking a little pink. I had applied my sunscreen right after breakfast and usually reapply two hours or so after that, especially with swimming.  Already by that two hour mark, I was pink and so was Christian.  We immediately got out of the sun for the rest of the afternoon.  Remember when we had no luggage for the first part of our safari trip?  Well, we had to buy sunscreen at the hotel that first day & we decided to continue to use it even after we received our baggage.  That sunscreen, we later learned was not waterproof!  Who sells sunscreen that isn’t waterproof?  So after our first dip in the ocean, all our sunscreen was washed off and we were sitting in the sun unprotected.  I am very fair-skinned & do not tan, so I was looking like a lobster that first night. 

The following day, Christian and I stayed covered up & in the shade.  I was feeling a little sad that we couldn’t be out in the sun & in the ocean, at least until the sun went down in the evening, so Christian started reading Harry Potter to me.  I read the books a couple years ago but Christian hadn’t read them yet.  He was just starting book three, so it was nice to get a refresher, as I don’t remember everything that happened anymore!  We continued reading throughout the rest of our trip and even started book four. 

image image 

During the low tide, you are able to walk out to the reef & see some colorful fish.

 image image image image 

As we became less lobster-like, we were able to enjoy the beach & pool again.

image  image 

Christian played beach volleyball a couple evenings during the week.  I am not a very skilled volleyball player, so I just took some pictures!

image  image 

Dinners were always a fun surprise.  Each night had a different theme: seafood, Italian, Lebanese, Greek & BBQ.  They also had live music or a show. 

image image

Our last evening in Zanzibar.  I requested photos of the two of us. 

image image

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