Pumpkin Soup

It’s that time of the year again for pumpkins!  Christian’s mom & I made a pumpkin soup over the weekend.  I was more of the photographer and assistant with chopping & getting the ingredients, while Christian’s mom did more of the “cooking” part.  We somewhat followed a German recipe from the internet but used it more to get a listing of ingredients & then seasoned it with whatever we had.  The soup had potatoes in it as well & was a very hearty soup.

This pumpkin was purchased at the market in our little town of Hamm. 


This type of pumpkin, hokkaido allows you to be able to eat the skin.  We removed all the seeds & chopped up the pumpkin, skins & all.


We peeled & diced up some potatoes.  We put in double the amount of potatoes, just to get rid of them.

image image 

Diced up two cloves of garlic & two small-medium sized onions.


Heated up the pot with some oil and then cooked the garlic & onions until soft.


Added the pumpkin, potatoes, some water & a couple tablespoons of vegetable broth.  It came to a boil and then was left on the heat for about 30 minutes.  Christian’s mom added more water, broth, ginger & a little sugar as she felt necessary.

image image 

Used an immersion blender (ours is new & I think will get a lot of use this season) to mix all the ingredients.


Added cream.


Hearty pumpkin soup ready to be served!


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