The Ahr Valley

Last November, we visited the Ahr valley, a wine growing region in Germany.  We did some hiking and tried out one of the new wines.  We visited again this past weekend with Christian’s mom.  This time we were early enough to experience the wine festivals and see many grapes still growing on the vines.  We started in the town of Mayschoss & visited the wine festival going on there.  We then did a hike up through the vine covered mountains/hills in Mayschoss & then back down to the valley in the neighboring town of Altenahr.  We walked along the Ahr river that runs through the valley and back to Mayschoss before heading home for the evening.

A pretty house in the village of Mayschoss.


All those grapes!

image image 

The lady in black.  It was our first chilly fall day & I had to break out the heavy coat.  We warmed up on our hike but not enough to take off the coats!

image image 

Overlook into the valley & vineyards covering the hills.


Christian & his mom enjoying a refreshing drink before heading down into Altenahr.

image image 

The wine festival of Altenahr.


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