The Rheinturm, is a 240 meter high TV and radio tower located in Düsseldorf.  There is an observation deck and restaurant that revolves as you eat.  Christian’s mom mentioned that she had dinner up in the tower in July, when she was here for our wedding.  Christian & I had yet to go up in the tower, so she suggested that we should all go there for dinner before she leaves.  It wasn’t the clearest evening but we could still all of Düsseldorf & a little bit of the surrounding area.  We first walked around the observation floor and then went to dinner.

All the photos, except for the one above are with Christian’s iPhone & aren’t the best quality, especially with glare from overhead lights.  We still needed to figure out what HDR and all the other photo color settings are on the phone!

image image 

View of the Medien Hafen, Hamm & the Rhein.


State Government building.  It looks a little spacy!


Picture of downtown Düsseldorf.


As we ate dinner, it started to get dark & the city turned on all its lights.  It was very pretty and the city looked so magical!


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