The Mosel Valley

We spent the past weekend in another German wine region, the Mosel valley where the Mosel river runs through.  This area is well-known for the Riesling grape.  The Mosel river runs through France, Luxembourg & Germany.  It joins the Rhein river at Koblenz.  We drove down to Koblenz and then along the Mosel to Cochem.  We stayed overnight in a small town called Ernst, which is a few kilometers from Cochem.

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Shortly after arriving in Ernst, we started our exploration of the area.  The owner of the hotel where we stayed recommended a hike for us.  It took us through the steep vineyards in Ernst to Cochem.  It was a very narrow path & it was hard to believe that the vineyard workers are able to harvest the grapes.  I learned that harvesting the grapes is much more labor intensive in this area and requires more manual labor than in other regions.  Also, the steep vineyards allow more sunlight to have contact with the vines, which will then produce better wine. 

image  image 

A view of the town of Ernst from the trail.  The building in the middle of the picture with the three white umbrellas, is the hotel where we stayed.


Navigating the trail.


We safely arrived in Cochem!


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