We visited Christian’s parents in Hamburg over the weekend.  It was beautiful weather, blue skies & mild temperatures.  I think I have only been to Hamburg when it has been cold & usually rainy, so this was a nice change.  Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the second largest port in Europe.  It is located on the Elbe River.

Christian, my mom & I started our tour of the city with a harbor cruise on the Elbe River.  We got to see a few cargo ships being unloaded, a cruise ship at port & all the tugboats lined up. 

image image image image

Our next stop was St. Michael’s Church, also known as the Michel.  It is a Lutheran church in the Baroque style.

image image image

Christian & my mom went up in the spire to see views of the city, while I stayed below in the church.  On a previous visit, I had been up in the spire but decided not to this time. 

image image image 

We strolled a bit more through the city before meeting up with Christian’s family.  We enjoyed coffee, hot chocolate & cake as an afternoon snack & then went to see the Rathaus, town hall.

image image 

We walked by the Binnenalster, which is a lake near the middle of the city & the Außeralster, the outer lake.  Both of these lakes were formed by damming the Alster River.

image image image

We ended our exploration of Hamburg with a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant.  My mom claimed that the lasagne was the best she had ever tasted! 


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