The Home of Marzipan

After our stop at the Baltic Sea, we drove to Lübeck.  The old city is an island surrounded by the Trave River.  It is known for the production of Marzipan.  Marzipan is a paste of almonds and sugar.  It is one of my favorite treats!

One of the remaining two town gates, the Holstentor. 


What I was waiting for….Niederegger!  Niederegger was established in 1806 when it started producing marzipan treats and continues to this day.  We visited their shop filled with marzipan candies & cakes.  We also had cakes in the café above the shop.

image image

The town hall. 

image image 

Marienkirche.  It was built in the Gothic style & has one of the highest brick vaults in the world.  On Palm Sunday 1942, the church was hit during an allied bombing raid & a fire almost destroyed it.  The church bells fell & still today remain where they fell as a memorial.  In 1947, repairs were started on the church & after 12 years almost fully restored to the original design.

image image

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