Mittelmeer Kreuzfahrt

We just left on a 12-day Mediterranean cruise.  We found a good deal through Costco Travel, especially since we don’t have to fly from the US but take one of the low-cost European airlines.  There are no Costco’s in Germany but I am still a member.  This will be my first cruise and Christian’s third cruise.  We fly to Turkey, spending time in Istanbul, Ephesus, Bodrum & Marmaris.  Then we head to Greece to visit Rhodes, Santorini, Athens & Mykonos.  One stop in Naples & we disembark in Rome.

I have mentioned this before but I am not a very good packer for long trips.  I read recommendations that you should stick to one color scheme and mix-and-match.  I have never done the mix-and-match thing and I only re-wear jeans twice at the most.  I packed clothes for our daily excursions, some gym clothes and I wanted to bring 12 dresses for the dinners but someone said that was extreme & no one will notice if you re-wear a dress!  I convinced Christian to bring his tux from the wedding, so I can’t wait to dress up with him.


I don’t know if I will have any seasickness, so I also packed these ginger gummy bears.  Ginger is supposed to help with any nausea & Christian’s mom knows that I can be affected by the airplane, so she picked these up for me. 


We can’t wait to share stories & pictures of our trip.  Stay tuned!

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