After a day at sea, we arrived in Kusadasi.  This is a vacation town on the Aegean Sea and also located near the Ephesus ruins, which is what we wanted to see. 

Our obligatory shot of our boat at port.  It was docked next to the Holland America Line, Rotterdam.


The magical Ephesus.  It was an amazing experience to see all the remains/reconstructions of the buildings, theater, baths, houses, roads and tons of marble.  If it weren’t for the thousands of visitors strolling around & climbing through the ruins, you would feel transported back in time.

image image 

Can you spot me?


The wildlife.


Look at this tiger guarding one of the entrances to the theater.


The Library of Celsius.

image image

The Terrace Houses.

image image

The Arcadian Way, the road leading to the bay.


From the site of Ephesus, we took a short bus ride to Selҫuk to see the Basilica of St. John.

image image image

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