We had a relaxing day exploring Bodrum, a small Turkish port.  This time the ship pulled into port on the starboard side and we walked the short distance from the port into the city center.

I am pointing to the porthole of our stateroom.  We had a room towards the front of the ship on the third level.  It gave us fast access to the gangway and allowed for a bit of exercise to get to the restaurants & pool.


Our main stop in the city was Bodrum Castle or the Castle of St. Peter.  It was built in the 15th century by the crusaders, the knights of St. John.

image image

The castle has been turned into the Museum of Underwater Archeology, so we visited some of the exhibits that were held in the different parts of the castle.


The harbor of Bodrum.


Bodrum also had a theater that was built overlooking the city.


Leaving the port of Bodrum, we got to see the pilot leave our ship and head back in his own ship after he maneuvered us out of the port area.

image image

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