Our last stop in Turkey was visiting the city of Marmaris.  There really wasn’t much to see in this city, which is more of a resort town for beach vacationers.  There is a strip of restaurants & shops, but that is the extent of it.  Due to this, we decided to book an excursion with the cruise that would allow us to visit some sites that were not within walking distance.  It was called the “Highlights of Marmaris,” even through the tour didn’t take place in Marmaris. 

We boarded a bus with 40 other cruisers and headed to the town of Dalyan, which is about an hour and a half bus ride.  This is a town located on the Dalyan River.  We then boarded a river cruise boat in order to see the Lycian rock tombs carved into the hillside.  These date back to 4th century B.C.

image image 

One of our fellow cruise passengers.  He wore two large cameras on his body and then he was using his wife’s smaller camera for some shots.  Christian got a kick out of seeing this guy loaded down with camera equipment.


We continued down the river, past the tombs to get out for a short walk up to Caunos.  Caunos is an ancient roman city .  We saw the remains of the baths, theater and the city wall.

image image image 

We got back on the boat and stopped at the Iztuzu beach.  On one side is the fresh water from the Daylan River and on the other side is the Mediterranean Sea.  We had an hour to explore on our own, so Christian and I went into the sea for a short swim.  It was a warm day and the water was very chilly at first but eventually you warm up to it!


The area near the beach on the Daylan river side is a turtle breeding ground.  One of the fishermen lured a sea turtle up to the water surface with a blue crab.  Eventually the turtle bit the crab off the line and swam away.


After time at the beach, we headed back on the river boat to Daylan and then on the bus to Marmaris.  Before heading back on the ship for the night, we took a stroll along the water in the city center of Marmaris, where we got a picture of the ship all lit up.


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