Life at Sea

For our 12 day trip, we had two days at sea.  When I initially thought of cruising, I thought of constant eating.  It is true that there is at least one dining facility open at all times of the day, so you could continuously eat if you wanted to.  The ship’s chef made a joke that he said that we are gaining sea swell, not weight from the food.  They have so many activities starting early in the morning until late at night, not only while at sea but on days in port. 

On our first sea day, we took a tour of the kitchen galley, which was interesting to see how they many stations for preparing all the meals served throughout the day. 

image image 

Cleanliness was very important on board.  Before going into any restaurant or public room, you were to spray your hands with Purell.  We also were give a spray of it whenever we got back on board.


One of my favorite treats in the café (cafeteria that reminded me of the dining hall in college) was the ice cream bar.  They had four of five toppings, which included my favorite Reeses Pieces.  I later learned that I could skip the ice cream & just order the toppings, so that is what I did almost every day!  Remember, it is just sea swell! 


Every evening we had the chance to change for dinner.  The attire was usually smart casual, although we did have three formal nights.

image  image  image

We went to the fitness center and took a couple Zumba classes. 


Every day they had a crossword and Sudoku puzzle printed for guests to play.  We picked these up and worked on them together usually before dinner every evening.


We also attended most of the evening shows in the theater.  One night was a musical called The Land of Make Believe.  It was a really cute story and we were surprised by the amount of detail for the costumes & sets for a cruise production.


One of the most memorable events was when Christian participated in the pool volleyball game.  This took place on our second sea day.  First the officers versus the staff played a round of volleyball and then the winners took on the guests.  Christian was one of the first guests to volunteer.  The captain even played on the guest team.  The guests won thanks to some rulings that the captain made & Christian received a medal.  If you can’t tell, the captain is the guy wearing the white shirt with the stripes on his shoulders. 

image image

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